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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tuesday Tricks and Treats: smells like 2 minutes of nothing

Here's my second installment of Tricks and Treats!

TRICK: It really sucks not having a garbage disposal. I was spoiled in the home I grew up in and my first two apartments in Boston, as they all had garbage disposals. But alas, my last and current apartments don't have disposals. I hate it, because let's face the unpleasantry: garbage can really start to smell funky, especially when it's full of food, and especially when it's warmer out. Even those odor-eliminating trash bags (which we use, and which do help some) can't cut out the funk when it's really bad.

We've devised a two-fold solution for dealing with the stink in my house. First off, save those metal cans your coffee comes in. We use ours as mini trash cans for food rubbish. The lids are tight sealing, which prevents the stink. Whenever we're cooking, say, some sort of meat or using veggies, we put the trimmings and trash into an empty coffee can, seal the lid on tight, and voila. No more funky odors emanating from the trash can. I've even had a couple of instances where I've kept a non-full can handy to toss extra trash into the next day without any stink issues.

Second, keep a small bowl filled with some white vinegar by your trash can. This really helps to absorb odors, and chances are it's already in your house. No need to buy a bunch of expensive air fresheners. This is natural, cheap, and effective. Replace the vinegar as needed (it evaporates after a while).

TREAT: Can you do nothing for two minutes? Click on this link and try it. Did you pass? Did you fail?

In our hyper-connected world, it's healthy to regularly take breaks to recharge your eyes and mind, and this website forces us to try it. Even if you don't access the site, try taking a few minutes for yourself to do nothing: no surfing the net, no texting, no to-do-list composing--NOTHING. Could you do it? How did you feel?


Looks and Books said...

THANK YOU for the tips on the funky garbage smell! We don't have a disposal either, and I miss it. Our trash can is also awful (why do trash receptacles cost upwards of $100 these days??), so that doesn't help matters. I like the idea of keeping food refuse in a coffee can--we buy our coffee in bags, but I'm sure we can come up with a good alternative!

Kacey said...

I've used a compost pile in the past. Anything that came from the earth can be put in there and if you match it with 50% yard trimmings and 50% kitchen waste it shouldn't smell.

Loved the "relaxing" for two minutes, it was hard though, I am always so busy doing something. Thanks for sharing =)