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Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Finds: Pinterest

Recently my friend Jill of Looks and Books introduced me to a site called Pinterest. Pinterest is like a virtual bulletin board of awesomeness. You install a small button on your browser bookmarks toolbar and then use it to "pin" photos to any number of virtual inspiration boards you create. What's cool is that it's near-effortless. When you're on a site with a picture you like, just click the "Pin It" button and select the picture you want to pin. Then select which board it will go on and write up a description if you wish. Ta-da! There it is. (OMG ADDICTIVE.)

You can ogle other people's inspiration boards and follow people, and you can also let more than one person "curate" a board, which makes it social. You can even repin their pins. I feel like I must have good taste, because in the week that I've used Pinterest, quite a few of my pins have been repinned by others. They wouldn't do that if they weren't awesome, right? :)

The site has been really helpful in collecting pictures for my wedding planning activities--rather than just save dozens of bookmarks just to my home computer, I can save them to the specific Pinterest board and can access them from anywhere. I also have boards for fun jewelry, cute housewares, and adorable animals. :)

The site is still sort of beta-y, with an invitation-only model, so if anyone wants an invite, let me know! :) Come check out my pins and ogle all the amazing things the internet has to offer, neatly organized by other internet oglers. 

One of my favorite necklaces, currently pinned to my "Gorgeous Gems" board. :) (C'mon, how could I not have a board dedicated to gems?)


Diane said...

Wow, it looks really cool! Could you send me an invite? Thanks!

Raquel said...

Hi Diane! Sorry, but I am not sure how to contact you to send you an invite. Please let me know how to reach you.