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Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Finds: Bunny Butt Apothecary Whipped Cream

Okay, final new feature to throw at you all--Friday Finds. A feature where I share with you some little treasure I've found--a product or website or place--that has made my life profoundly better.

I don't know if I'll do this one every week or just every now and then when I find something awesome, we'll see.


First Friday Find to showcase: the amazing whipped cream body lotion from Bunny Butt Apothecary! Yes, it's a funny name, but this product is no joke.

I first discovered this company in December of 2008, at my first Boston Bazaar Bizarre, a big traveling craft fair of sorts loaded with hip items. Bunny Butt had a booth there where you could sample their lotions. I smothered one all over my hands and was hooked. It smelled divine, made my hands super soft, and was natural. Plus, the jar had a disclaimer that the product therein was for moisturizing, not for eating. Plus, the company is called Bunny Butt. How can you not love that?

I don't know how many jars of their Whipped Cream I've gotten since then, but I think I've gone through at least half a dozen. I use this as a body lotion after I shower and it's fantastic. A little goes a long way. Super moisturizing without being heavy or greasy, absorbs quickly, and smells so good I want to nibble my arm. Plus it's not loaded with scary chemicals and preservatives. One of the ingredients is rice bran oil, which has been popular in other parts of the world for a while (hello, Asia!) but which is only just catching on here now, which is a shame because not only is it a great moisturizer, it's also a gentle, non-irritating exfoliator. Those weird little bumps so many of us get on our arms (otherwise known as keratosis pilaris)? Yeah, this smooths those away. That irritated feeling your legs have right after you shave them? This moisturizes without any stinging. This stuff is so good that even Jeremy, who uses probably a grand total of 5 body care products, has his own jar sitting on his nightstand. I'm currently using the Chai Town scent, which smells like a piece of spice cake. I really, really want to take a gnaw at my arm after I put it on.

The best part about this moisturizer is that it is really hydrating without feeling heavy, so you can use it even in the dog days of summer without getting that nasty, tacky, ugh feeling. In fact, the texture is so light--just like whipped cream, hence the name--that it's quite refreshing to apply. I like getting a citrusy scent for the summer, like A-peeled. The Pirate's Booty one is also awesome, as it smells spicy and awesome. And the Let Them Eat Birthday Cake? Forget it. You won't try to eat yourself, you will.

I use and love some of their other products, like their Honey Bare bar soap, Complexion Zen face cream, and Perfume Oil, but hands down my favorite is the Whipped Cream. I know it can sometimes be a challenge to find an effective natural moisturizer that isn't tacky, gummy, smelly (unpleasantly so), or ineffective, so if you're seeking some natural everyday indulgence in your skincare routine, you may want to give Bunny Butt a whirl.

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Looks and Books said...

Great tip! I bought some of their lotion for my sister as an xmas gift back at my first Bazaar. I need some new moisturizer, so perhaps I will give this one a go!