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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Top Chef, Season 6, episode 3

Pasta salad?


Pasta salad.

You're in a cooking competition called TOP CHEF and you make PASTA SALAD??

"Hello, my name is pasta salad, and I'm completely uninspired, and uninspiring, and usually made by mere mortals with more dexterity and grace than the one executed on last night's show."


So the challenge yesterday was to make a meal to feed 300 people using the rather paltry pantry and minimal equipment at a military base hangar thingy kitchen. And the fact that Preeti and Laurine thought they could just throw together a pasta salad of disparate elements is just odd. Odd! I know they didn't have that much to work with, and I know they wanted to make a vegetarian dish, but honestly, pasta salad? How much more mediocre-recipe-out-of-Ladies Home Journal could you get? Maybe Preeti being eliminated was the universe's way of getting back at her for blanching her asparagus in Ashley's boiling gnocchi water. At least Laurine had the good sense to admit that she knew it wasn't a good dish and that it sucked. I thought it was lame that Preeti tried to bring up the fact that it was inappropriate to serve clam chowder on a hot summer day. Maybe so, lady, but at least the chowder was GOOD. Your dish was BAD.

I like that the two top dishes going against each other were pork-based though. And I thought Hector and Robin's dish of chili looked delicious! (God, I love me some beans.) I hope Hector goes far. I think he is charming and I love that there's a Latin element cooked by (gasp!) a real Latino. I also love Kevin and Eli, the two chubby nerds. I love me some nerds!

At least Jennifer didn't have an occasion to mispronounce the word "ceviche" on this episode. That was a pleasant element. Everything else about her is not pleasant. Except her attitide to kick Mike's misogynistic ass. That I like.

(Trow your hands in the air, wave 'em like you don't care... or have a clue.)

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skemper said...

i feel like almost every season someone eventually makes a pasta salad and they always get blasted for being uncreative... you'd think they'd learn!!