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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Top Chef, season 6, episode 2

Gosh, I'm so behind on this thing! A lot has been going on lately (not all of it good)---and a lot of cooking, which has been good.

First off: Top Chef. Squeaking in here barely under the wire. So the second episode--it wasn't too hard to predict that stupid Eve would get kicked off. She barely survived the first cut as it was. Honestly, that woman was just so incredibly bland that I'm glad she was the second to go. I don't think she had anything interesting to say or do. Sometimes I wonder how these people get on the show, because this season has a really strong cast. Do they purposely pick one or two morons or unextraordinary people just so they have an easy time of it during the first couple of cuts?

(And PS, Eve's restaurant is called.... Eve. Seriously?) 

I was sad to see Jesse do so poorly again because I really like her, but right now I am just doubting that she'll last pretty long.

Also, it REALLY irritates the shit out of me that Jennifer pronounces the word ceviche as "say-VEECH." Bitch, it's "say-VEE-chay"! Say it right or stop making it!

And I just have to say that while I am sympathetic with Ashley's points about gay marriage (let gays get married, I say!), I thought it was odd that she kept bringing up the fact that she was angry that the challenge was to cook for a heterosexual couple's bachelor/bachelorette party. I think she needed to just remove the theme of the event from the forefront of her mind and just focus on the food. Honestly, there's no reason to get pissed for Top Chef choosing something traditional as a challenge theme. How many chefs and caterers will have customers and clients in that very same situation, and will these customers/clients be refused service because of their situation? That's unprofessional. I just think that political and personal beliefs should have been kept out of the challenge (and this show as a whole--it's focused on food, not life issues). There's a time and place for them, and it's not on Top Chef.

CHEFTESTANT FAIL #2! (and holy shit, that's a LOT of make-up she has on! Compare her face to her neck! And arms!)

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