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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Another kitchen bible?

Because I love both books and food (and also because I work in publishing), I subscribe to a Publishers Weekly email newsletter called "Cooking the Books," which is all about food and cookbook publishing. There was an interesting article in my latest email about The Flavor Bible, a book I've heard about as it has been out for a year but which I've never really gotten around to perusing.

I have to say that this sounds like a fabulous book to have in the kitchen, because it teaches you which foods go well together. I have to date had a relatively good instinct for pairing/combining foods that I am familiar with (see my recent success with the sprouts/sausage/white wine and vinegar combo), but I think this book would be invaluable in suggesting more nuanced but equally delightful flavor combinations. I just like that it helps people create their own food combinations and recipes. I might have to invest in this one. I definitely like to experiment in the kitchen and I'd like to start developing my own recipes. This book seems like a valuable tool towards doing more of that.

What do you think? Are you more of a recipe-follower or a recipe-builder, and why do you work the way you do? Have you read this book, and if so, what do you think?

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Raquelle said...

I used to be a recipe-follower now I just look for new ideas. This book sounds good. I saw it on that same newsletter too!