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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Top Chef, Season 6, episode 1

Last night was the premiere of this season's Top Chef. I have to confess that I really enjoy that show.

Jennifer was the first contestant eliminated--she made this truly dreadful looking chile relleno with seitan. Now I'm all for meat substitutes when appropriate, and yes it was ballsy that she chose that instead of a traditional protein, but girl's dish looked NASTY. Sometimes it's not good to take a risk THAT early on. Though Eve's shrimp and scallops looked pretty bad. They looked like they were the consistency of rubber. And poor Hector, trying to fry his steak and everyone looking at him like WTF. Maybe the judges just don't understand that we Latinos like to fry things--EVERYTHING. Meat included. ALL meat included. Although I suppose that since we do traditionally tend to fry pork products more so than beef steak, it was a little unconventional to do it.

The winning dish by Kevin (a slow-poached Arctic char) looked really good. And I also thought Jesse's chicken dish looked yummy (even though the judges complained that the breast was dry) because I love that she included a fried egg with it. I love eggs... maybe too much for my own good. And Laurine's bacon donuts with chocolate and beer sauces? Yum. I think my arteries just clogged a little.

Should be an interesting season. Don't know who my favorite is just yet, as the first show is always kind of a clusterfuck of too many people, but as weeks progress I'll find someone to root for. I definitely don't like Michael as he has already made more than one misogynistic comment and I am just PRAYING that he gets his ass kicked by all the talented women on this show in upcoming weeks. I'm just glad that Jennifer was booted when she was. I couldn't stand looking at those huge gauges in her ears... they grossed me out.



Lauren said...

Oh man, for some reason I could not let go of those gauges. *shudder* I would have kicked off Eve because her dish looked nasty AND boring, but I was happy to see gauge lady depart.

I think I really like Kevin. He's such a nerd but clearly loves food and cooking. I think I also like the blonde who was pissed that Michael peeled the shrimp in the kickfire faster than her. It was a nice contrast to all his sexist comments. :)

LOVE Top Chef! And this blog!

Lauren said...

And by kickfire I mean quickfire. Oh, Monday, you little ****.