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Monday, August 10, 2009

"Falling dreamily into a pile of fresh arugula"

I love this Q & A with Frank Bruni, one of my favorite food columnists from the NYT and author of a forthcoming memoir that I am slated to get from the library very soon after it's released!

I completely agree with what he says about how people have more difficult relationships with food than what's normally written about. I do find that there is an over-saturation of memoirs about food that are completely one-sided--the love affair without any of the pain. I'm excited for his book, Born Round, because it sounds like his story is like mine: complicated, with highs and lows.

I just went to The Friendly Toast for brunch yesterday, so a review of that one will have to come in a separate post.

Also, I wouldn't mind falling dreamily into a pile of fresh arugula, as it's one of my favorite greens.

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