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Thursday, December 3, 2009

PW's Best Food Books of 2009

Probably everybody has Christmas on the brain now that Thanksgiving is over. I've just barely started thinking about Christmas shopping myself, but I do have a few foodie-related items on my wish list this year (among them a 5-quart oval Le Creuset, a Cuisinart food processor, a cookbook stand, and a few choice food books). And as someone who works in publishing, I can also say that it wouldn't be the end of the year without a seemingly endless array of "best of the year" book lists. They're infinite!

Here's a link to Publishers Weekly's selections of Best Food Books of 2009. One of my Christmas wishes, Ratio, is actually on there. Others I'm intrigued by are The New Portuguese Table (a shout-out to my neighbors on the Iberian peninsula!), and also Salt to Taste. I really like the idea of cookbooks that provide not just recipes, but also lessons that can become the basis for creating your own recipes. I like the idea of learning techniques and combinations and then using those as building blocks for one's own creativity. Don't get me wrong, I still love and adore using recipes and there is nothing like a beautiful cookbook of fail-proof recipes. But I am really getting into the DIY-recipe idea, so I think that Ratio and Salt to Taste would be valuable additions to any home library for someone who really wants to develop as a home cook.

Any food-related books on your holiday wish lists? Alternately, what were the best food-related books you read this year?

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