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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cake Wrecks

Is it just me, or is the New York Times drastically behind on the news?

Okay... I don't think it is just me. Because they just ran an article on the popularity of the website Cake Wrecks.

I LOVE this website. I can spend a hearty half-hour taking a break from work guffawing as silently as possible at the edible monstrosities on this site. It's completely fabulous. I was alerted to the existence of this site last summer by a temp at my office who also thought it was hilarious. And I think that at that point, a year and a half ago, the website was already gaining a lot of popularity on the web. If you have not yet had the sheer, insanely hilarious joy of visiting this site, go there now. Please!

And yet it was just a couple of days ago that the Times just ran an article on the website. Now I'm not the most hip and with-it person around, especially when it comes to the internet, but I do at least have a pinky finger in the pool of popular culture. Unlike some prestigious news media. Thanks, New York Behind-the-Times.


Raquelle said...

I love that website too! It's so hilarious. My all-time favorite is one where the cake decorator wrote "Olympic Rings" instead of drawing the actual rings. Awesome! It a Gril is also one of my faves.

I don't think the NYT is behind on news. Cake Wrecks has a book coming out so that's why they are writing about it. Hey you work in the book industry!!! And in publicity!!! Don't you know a new book is a great way to revive a news story?! :-P

Nina Alvarez said...

I love the cakes with unintentionally phallic shapes on them.