"No matter what happens in the kitchen, never apologize." - Julia Child

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ask and ye shall receive

I am not a person of faith--or at least an organized faith in terms of religion, or the conventional definition of faith--but I am constantly amazed at how the universe responds when you put things out there. So I suppose I am a believer in or espouser of the put-it-out-there-and-see-what-happens philosophy.

Just a few days after I found myself deeply troubled and then finally at peace with my financial situation, I have just found out that our business is doing so much better this year than last year that I'm getting a raise and a bonus.

Obviously I'm thrilled that I'm going to be making more money, but I'm also completely at peace with the idea that financial currency is not the way to measure the worth of a job, or a life. And I truly believe that if that hadn't been the case, this might not have worked out this way.

Allowing myself to truly reflect upon my situation helped me work through the issues I had with my finances. I made peace with things. I put it out there that I'd made peace with things. I find that it's when I accept things and make peace with them and admit that I've made that peace that change can happen.

This applies to anything in life. Relationships, body image, job situations, physical ailments. As soon as I say to myself, Okay, this situation is causing me a lot of tension, so I need to just let myself get down in it, accept it, make peace, and turn it over to the universe. As soon as that happens, real change can begin. True change. The kind of change that turns your situation on its head and amazes you because it seems to happen to naturally, it almost looks magical.

Magical realism at work.


Mary Kate Maco said...

How awesome for you!!! Both on the raise (you deserve it!) and on being able to make peace with the stress in your life. I wish I were able to do that!

daisy said...

have you read "the Power of Now?"

denise said...

Wise take on life. It takes a lot of valuable energy to be miserable.

Raquel said...

Thanks, MKM and Denise! It's true that stressing and misery take up a lot of energy and emotional and mental space. I still feel stress, of course, but now I try to deal with it right away instead of bottling it up or eating my way through it or doing some other self-destructive thing. I'm leaning that stuffing away your feelings is never as helpful and healthy as just dealing with things right away.